Sharing My Blog

People sharing videos, pictures, articles, and even blogs, I think, is the best way to get it known.  Without the help of your audience, it can be difficult to get the word out.  In a previous post I talked about how Facebook would be the best form of social media to have my blog shared on.  Now, I was asked to discuss any way of sharing my blog.  It could be social media, any other way on the internet, or even in the real world.  Even though I was given so many options, I still think social media would be the best possible way for my audience to share my blog.  There are so many people now on social media, that by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat, people that live in another country could have access to my blog.  Although word of mouth is still used and affective, there is no way someone talking about my blog could be heard by as many people as if you were to make a post on Facebook.  That being said, just because people see it on social media does not necessarily mean they will like it, share it themselves, or even look at it.  Although this is true, I would still say sharing my blog via any form of social media would be the way I would like my audience to share my website’s material.


Blogs Like Mine

Since my blog is really only about school work, I don’t have many to compare it to.  I have seen some blogs where people blog about their experiences at school.  My site could connect with these because mine is a different aspect about school.  Some people use their blogs to talk about school, where I use my blog FOR school.  Many blogs are always about the experience but never have the work to show.  My blog has both the experience and the projects I worked on.

With just the outcomes, people may not be able to appreciate them as much because they don’t realize how much trouble one could have went through to make something that might look very simple.  Or, someone might look at something and think they would never be able to accomplish a task, when in reality, if someone shares their experience they might realize they are capable of success.  The same thing goes for just having experiences.  If someone just talks about everything they’ve done without anything to show, it might not be believable.  Anyone can talk or post pictures but when you put them together and use your personal experiences, it makes the content richer.

Powerpuff Yourself!

When I saw the assignment for this unit I was excited because the Powerpuff Girls was my favorite show when I was younger.  I immediately decided I wanted to do the Powerpuff Yourself.  I thought the process was quite simple and did not cause me much trouble.  After clicking the link I just following along with the instructions on the site.  Although the process itself was simple, it did take me a while to pick out which eyes, mouth, hair, etc.  There were so many options and colors, I started to make a character that didn’t look like myself.  After realizing I was getting ahead of myself, I went back and started from the beginning and created a character to look like me.  Once I finished my Powerpuff self, I was curious about the Peanutize Yourself.  I went over the their site and played around with that one as well.  I liked how it had the option to make a Snoopy character.  I did enjoy the Peanutize Yourself, but I liked the way the Powerpuff came out better.

Creative Commons Search Engine

The piece of media I have chose for my blog is a YouTube video of clips from the TV show The Office.  It is one of my favorite shows and the clips used in this video are very funny.  Although this video is not directly related to my blog, I think since for the most part, this blog is about me, using a video from my favorite show fits into the blog.

After looking at and going over the “Fair Use Checklist”, I have determined that this video is OK to be used in my blog.  The purpose the video is to be shared with other students; the nature of the video is for my education; the amount of the show used in the video is a very small quantity; and it has no significant effect on the market.

Know Your Meme

The meme I decided to post for my blog is the “Arthur’s fist” meme.  This meme first came about around this time last year.  It blew up quickly with one of the first times it was used, was with the caption “when people say ‘harambe was just a gorilla'”.  Harambe was another meme that took over the internet when the zoo put him down.  The “Arthur’s fist” meme has been around for a little over a year and is still very popular.  People find this meme very relevant to everyday conversations and situations, for example, the picture below.

This meme has been used to represent anger, sarcasm, and much more.  I think this meme relates to me because I tend to get angry over unimportant things and whenever I do, my friends and sister always show me this picture and I get a good laugh from it.  It has helped me with my sense of humor and gives me time to think about things before I get angry.  Who would have thought a meme would be so useful.

Using Social Media

Using social media to promote blogs in my opinion, is always helpful.  Although I think almost all social media is beneficial, I think Facebook is the most productive.  For some people, they won’t post or publish certain things on their social media to keep a theme or just because it’s not relevant to what they normally talk about.  With Facebook, there are, usually, no limits to what people post.  I always see the most random posts on my feed and they are always from different people.  People will share whatever they feel like regardless of what they “normally” post.

I also think Facebook would be the best way to promote a blog because there is a larger variety of people on Facebook.  For example, if I asked my mom to share my blog, she would do it on Facebook because that is the only form of social media she has.  But when she shares it on Facebook, all of her friends will see it, as well as all of my friends if she tags me in it.  I think if you want something to be seen by a huge audience, Facebook would be the best way to share it due to the amount of people present.