Sharing My Blog

People sharing videos, pictures, articles, and even blogs, I think, is the best way to get it known.  Without the help of your audience, it can be difficult to get the word out.  In a previous post I talked about how Facebook would be the best form of social media to have my blog shared on.  Now, I was asked to discuss any way of sharing my blog.  It could be social media, any other way on the internet, or even in the real world.  Even though I was given so many options, I still think social media would be the best possible way for my audience to share my blog.  There are so many people now on social media, that by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat, people that live in another country could have access to my blog.  Although word of mouth is still used and affective, there is no way someone talking about my blog could be heard by as many people as if you were to make a post on Facebook.  That being said, just because people see it on social media does not necessarily mean they will like it, share it themselves, or even look at it.  Although this is true, I would still say sharing my blog via any form of social media would be the way I would like my audience to share my website’s material.


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