Know Your Meme

The meme I decided to post for my blog is the “Arthur’s fist” meme.  This meme first came about around this time last year.  It blew up quickly with one of the first times it was used, was with the caption “when people say ‘harambe was just a gorilla'”.  Harambe was another meme that took over the internet when the zoo put him down.  The “Arthur’s fist” meme has been around for a little over a year and is still very popular.  People find this meme very relevant to everyday conversations and situations, for example, the picture below.

This meme has been used to represent anger, sarcasm, and much more.  I think this meme relates to me because I tend to get angry over unimportant things and whenever I do, my friends and sister always show me this picture and I get a good laugh from it.  It has helped me with my sense of humor and gives me time to think about things before I get angry.  Who would have thought a meme would be so useful.