Blogs Like Mine

Since my blog is really only about school work, I don’t have many to compare it to.  I have seen some blogs where people blog about their experiences at school.  My site could connect with these because mine is a different aspect about school.  Some people use their blogs to talk about school, where I use my blog FOR school.  Many blogs are always about the experience but never have the work to show.  My blog has both the experience and the projects I worked on.

With just the outcomes, people may not be able to appreciate them as much because they don’t realize how much trouble one could have went through to make something that might look very simple.  Or, someone might look at something and think they would never be able to accomplish a task, when in reality, if someone shares their experience they might realize they are capable of success.  The same thing goes for just having experiences.  If someone just talks about everything they’ve done without anything to show, it might not be believable.  Anyone can talk or post pictures but when you put them together and use your personal experiences, it makes the content richer.


Using Social Media

Using social media to promote blogs in my opinion, is always helpful.  Although I think almost all social media is beneficial, I think Facebook is the most productive.  For some people, they won’t post or publish certain things on their social media to keep a theme or just because it’s not relevant to what they normally talk about.  With Facebook, there are, usually, no limits to what people post.  I always see the most random posts on my feed and they are always from different people.  People will share whatever they feel like regardless of what they “normally” post.

I also think Facebook would be the best way to promote a blog because there is a larger variety of people on Facebook.  For example, if I asked my mom to share my blog, she would do it on Facebook because that is the only form of social media she has.  But when she shares it on Facebook, all of her friends will see it, as well as all of my friends if she tags me in it.  I think if you want something to be seen by a huge audience, Facebook would be the best way to share it due to the amount of people present.