Creating My Blog

I have used WordPress previously, but the website had already been created, I was just adding posts, articles, etc.  I had never been able to work so freely with the site before.  When I chose my theme, it did not have multiple columns and it had no navigation bar.  Instead of playing around with the settings, I decided to just pick a new theme.  After picking my new theme, I realized it also did not have a navigation bar.  But this time, I wanted to see if there was a way to change that.  After a quick look through the settings, I was able to have the navigation bar on display.  Then my next and final dilemma was when I needed to add the “Meet The Author” page.  Since I wanted it in the navigation bar, after I added the page, I had to go back into the settings and select it to be a part of the bar.  After I finished that, I had no other issues with the site.  It was all due to the theme I wanted.