Powerpuff Yourself!

When I saw the assignment for this unit I was excited because the Powerpuff Girls was my favorite show when I was younger.  I immediately decided I wanted to do the Powerpuff Yourself.  I thought the process was quite simple and did not cause me much trouble.  After clicking the link I just following along with the instructions on the site.  Although the process itself was simple, it did take me a while to pick out which eyes, mouth, hair, etc.  There were so many options and colors, I started to make a character that didn’t look like myself.  After realizing I was getting ahead of myself, I went back and started from the beginning and created a character to look like me.  Once I finished my Powerpuff self, I was curious about the Peanutize Yourself.  I went over the their site and played around with that one as well.  I liked how it had the option to make a Snoopy character.  I did enjoy the Peanutize Yourself, but I liked the way the Powerpuff came out better.