For my screencast, I used Screencast-O-Matic.  I found this site to be very easy and I was able to cut out parts that I either misspoke or didn’t like.  Using it was also very easy, you download the app from the website and then it pops up and you just have to fit the the lines to which screen you want and then hit record.  With Screencast-O-Matic, it gives you the option to use your webcam and film yourself speaking while it is also recording your screen.  I did not chose that option though, I felt it was unnecessary for the assignment.

After I recorded my screencast, I went into iMovie and fixed it up a bit.  I only had to take out one little part that I felt was not needed.  From iMovie, I exported my screencast straight to YouTube.  Once uploaded to YouTube,  it gave me a link to share, post, etc.  I chose to embed my video to make it more convenient to the viewers.  Now they don’t have to click off my site to watch the video.

Being able to screencast is a very helpful tool.  I’ve taken a few online classes where all of the lessons were taught via screencast.  The professor would take their notes and powerpoints and with the video function record and speak everything as if we were in a regular classroom.   I also think this could be useful in the workplace, especially for people that work with others over seas or across the country.  If there is a huge time difference and you are unable to reach someone, you could go through your notes and explain everything to them via screencast.  Also, if one of your co-workers is away on vacation and you want them to see something when they get back, instead of taking yourself away from another project, you could record a screencast and send it to them.